brotibread has moved

brotibread has moved


Bbrotibread has moved

& freinds

& friends

first of many to come, side project/collective that is in the works.


It’s been over two years since I’ve picked up a camera and actually had any sort of intent. This is for a block coarse I’m currently doing; i decided to go for a different tacit altogether (in comparison to my usual). Pretty basic concept, Singularity and where we stand as individuals in relationship to technology (never seen this one done before)

Car’s by Ruth Fields

An illustration i did for a cool little short story called Car’s, in the Massey Literary Journal. Effectively it’s about a girl who’s counting cars, if its even she will stay and if its odd she will move on.

Red Bull Doodle art, third place…Yus!


Dirty Jobin

Dirty Jobin

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