in the future we shall travel via buffalo

some doodles from a while ago

Air Crash Investigation

Something i love to do and have done for a very long time now is draw the worst possible thing i can given the situation. One could probably trace this back to the time spent in a all boys school, Where kids would labour over vulgar master pieces mainly consisting of penises etched into desks or sprawled across cubical walls. I did this drawing on a flight to fiji, to the dismay of my girlfriend and any other passenger and or air hostess that had the misfortune to catch a glance.

The Shining

a poster for ‘The Shining’ a 1980’s stanley Kubrick  film, which i did for a project. I wanted to do something that wasn’t just blatantly ripping on some of the iconic scenes from the movie. which it seems majority of the fan art around has done, which is fine i just feel its all been done before and i wanted to do something new. I looked at a heap of james jeans work in regards to the wave ,heres a link check it out if you don’t know his stuff  ( the mans a master. also if you have no idea what im talking about movie wise, definitely check it out its awesome


These are some screen shots i took as i worked on this peace, you can see it coming along/a little bit of my process. Which is a bit rough but thats how i work, 9 times out of 10 the piece only comes together in the last minute.

compositional workings for “The Shining” poster

Pencil/Fine liner mock up for a poster I’ve been working on for Stanley Kubrick’s “The Shining”. really want to steer away from the iconic scenes in the movie and just do something a little void of the original


It’s a Riot!

Digital Painting

whenever i see photos/footage of riots i pretend the rioters are zombies….its always more interesting

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