Red Bull Doodle art, third place…Yus!



in the future we shall travel via buffalo

Air Crash Investigation

Something i love to do and have done for a very long time now is draw the worst possible thing i can given the situation. One could probably trace this back to the time spent in a all boys school, Where kids would labour over vulgar master pieces mainly consisting of penises etched into desks or sprawled across cubical walls. I did this drawing on a flight to fiji, to the dismay of my girlfriend and any other passenger and or air hostess that had the misfortune to catch a glance.

compositional workings for “The Shining” poster

Pencil/Fine liner mock up for a poster I’ve been working on for Stanley Kubrick’s “The Shining”. really want to steer away from the iconic scenes in the movie and just do something a little void of the original

Gavrilo Princip

A bit of a concept drawing of Gavrilo Princip, for an up coming project

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