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first of many to come, side project/collective that is in the works.


wallace was a naturalist

“Descendant” a psychedelic space man

An Illustration I did for a short story “Descendant” by a sci-fi writer Iain M Banks. Definitely worth the read but in a nutshell it’s about a sole survivor of a space attack. The main character and his intelligent space suit make the voyage across an arid and barren planet in the hopes of finding a far off space base and being saved. This piece came out really psychedelic, maybe even more so than I would have liked. But sometimes a piece takes on a life of its own, and in my opinion the best thing to do is run with it.

The Shining

a poster for ‘The Shining’ a 1980’s stanley Kubrick  film, which i did for a project. I wanted to do something that wasn’t just blatantly ripping on some of the iconic scenes from the movie. which it seems majority of the fan art around has done, which is fine i just feel its all been done before and i wanted to do something new. I looked at a heap of james jeans work in regards to the wave ,heres a link check it out if you don’t know his stuff  (http://jamesjean.com/blog/) the mans a master. also if you have no idea what im talking about movie wise, definitely check it out its awesome

Cats Cradle

pencil drawing

pencil drawing

pencil drawing

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